Day Two, Take Two

The site is live and our URL,, has been redirected from our Facebook page to a WordPress created site. This is “Day Two, Take Two” since this is my second attempt at bringing Cutting Edge Carving to the world. This time should be different, as I have a different approach in mind.

Like all good things, it will take a little bit of time. No worries, I will not make you wait long.

The shop is currently undergoing some changes, but soon I will get some pictures posted. From there, I am going to reach out to some local craftsman who have expressed an interest in working together. I hope to get them into the shop so that we can work out designs together.

As you can see the website is also undergoing some changes, being that I am new to WordPress. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but I will get through it. I’ll get pictures, blog posts, and other content posted as it is created. For now feel free to take a look at our gallery on the bottom of our “About Us” page.

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