Day One, Blog One


‘Day one, blog one,’ call it what you will, but this is the first (hopefully of many.)  Fair warning, this might seem disjointed, confusing, but it will get better.  I have a few ideas that I think could be marketable.  Unfortunately, ideas are not profitable, businesses are. 

This is day one, blog one of my drive to take some of these my knowledge in various areas and turn them into real live operating businesses.  Some of my ideas may fall flat, others may never make it off of the drawing board, and others may only create enough of a stir to cover the losses created by the other ideas (that fell flat or never made it off of the drawing board,) but this is the start of my honest attempt.  

The plan…

I intend to use this blog my means of putting it all out there and asking my friends and family to help.  Nope, I don’t want your money.  I want your time, not a lot of it, but some.  I am asking you to read this blog every once in a while, and ask me how it is going.  Bear with me when I ramble about a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, and ask questions when the urge to do so strikes you.

The only way for me to take these ideas I have and turn them into a profitable business to to make it happen, just put pen to paper and do what needs to be done. By asking me about my goals you will help motivate me to keep going, I perform better for an audience. Let me know you’re watching, that’s it. Bear with me, and ask, please!